• March 16, 2021

SalesLoft Launches Deal Engagement Score

SalesLoft, provider of a sales engagement platform, has launched Deal Engagement Score to help managers prioritize deals based on the calculation of more than 30 data elements captured across Salesloft's Cadence, Conversations, and Deals products.

Deal Engagement Score rates opportunities, provides recommendations, and gives an explanation for deal scores. The machine learning model continuously learns and gives more impactful deal recommendations over time.

"It's not enough to have just a Cadence product," said Frank Dale, senior vice president of product development at SalesLoft, in a statement. "With Cadence, Conversations, and Deals on one platform, we collect data across the full buying cycle, from the first email, every call, meeting, and communication, through to deal closure and renewal. Only SalesLoft can analyze all of this data to predict revenue outcomes. No other sales engagement provider can offer this."

SalesLoft also added Cadence Step Analytics and Pre-Built Cadence Frameworks to its platform. Cadence Step Analytics shows revenue leaders the results of specific steps within Cadences. They can then replicate the steps that have high conversion rates within other Cadences.

SalesLoft's Pre-Built Cadence Frameworks is a library of Cadence frameworks built on best practices SalesLoft developed while powering millions of positive sales interactions and the experiences of top performing teams.

"Our data science team analyzed more than 120 million Cadence interactions in 2020, which revealed that multitouch Cadences are about three times more effective than single touch. Omnichannel Cadences are around five times more effective than single channel," Dale said. "Our customers can replicate proven sales engagement patterns and ensure their Cadences are optimized for best results."

SalesLoft also built on Cadences with open APIs for importing Cadences and content from partners like REGIE.

"I am super-excited about the REGIE native integration with SalesLoft, which makes it even easier to build high-performing Cadences in a matter of minutes," said Matt Millen, CEO of REGIE, in a statement. "Solving today's content challenges for the modern seller, REGIE builds your inbound, outbound, and follow-up cadences, allowing you to maximize your productivity while taking the guesswork out of your content creation."

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