• May 5, 2016

Sales Temperature Launches Retail Sales Forecasting Application

Sales Temperature, a provider of retail sales forecasting software, has launched its application to provide retailers with five-day sales and labor cost forecasts.

Managers only need to spend an extra minute at the end of each day entering sales numbers. Sales Temperature does the rest, giving users daily sales comparisons and forecasts via email or within the application. Additionally the Labor Analysis feature provides daily labor cost forecasts as well as associated hours to be scheduled.

"Sales Temperature becomes part of a manager's everyday routine," said Jeff Wadsworth, founder of Sales Temperature, in a statement. "We noticed that businesses in the pre-release program, after only a few days, would trust the forecasting information to the point of making staffing adjustments based on those daily forecasts, which had an immediate impact on their labor costs. Sales Temperature is unique in that cutting-edge technology like this has never before been available to small retail businesses."

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