• October 29, 2014

Sailthru Announces Sailthru Sightlines

Sailthru today announced Sailthru Sightlines, which it says can predict the behaviors of every user and is specifically built to meet the unique needs of ecommerce and media companies.

Sailthru Sightlines allows companies to identify their most valuable customers and anticipate their specific actions. A wide range of behavioral variables can be predicted. For example, Sailthru Sightlines predicts which customers will likely purchase, when they are likely to do so, and at what price point. For media companies, the solution reveals customers likely to engage and the volume of page views they can expect, among other key revenue- and engagement-related metrics. From these insights, brands then use Sailthru's omnichannel personalization technology to automate communications to these high-value customers while suppressing messages to those who are predicted as most likely to opt-out of or ignore communications.

"For as long as marketers have communicated with consumers they've been looking at historic data on the performance of those messages. This report-based model, perpetuated by legacy vendors in the space, has proved not only inaccurate but also insufficient given today's rate of change in both consumer engagement and brand strategy," said Neil Capel, CEO and founder of Sailthru, in a statement. "With Sailthru Sightlines we're freeing marketers from slow, iterative processes and enabling our clients to stop asking, 'what did my customers do?' but rather, 'what will my customers do next?'. This is a transformative moment for e-commerce and media brands as they defend and grow their competitive advantages."

Currently in private beta with 13 Sailthru clients, including Rent the Runway, Paperless Post, and Frank & Oak, Sailthru Sightlines uses more than 3 million predictive models to analyze billions of user data points per client, per day. These models are generated on a daily basis and are calibrated and tested for each client to reflect their unique business models and trends in individual user behavior.

"We built Sailthru Sightlines to harness the constant stream of data points that consumers offer today's marketers as they move through their individual customer journeys. Sailthru Sightlines analyzes all customer actions, reactions, and engagements in real time. From this, marketers can build a more accurate ROI model and truly deliver the right messages to the right users with limited superfluous or unwanted communications," said Jeremy Stanley, chief data scientist at Sailthru, in a statement. "Sailthru was built to deliver personalized content and product recommendations. We're now a platform that can also predict individual users' future actions, which is dramatically different from the predictions offered by legacy email service providers that are simply aggregating campaign trends. Predicting the future for each user, while a challenge, is well worth the effort."

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