• February 6, 2014

SOLOMO Technology Launches SOLOMO Exchange Version 2.0

SOLOMO Technology, which enables smart locations for the social, mobile world, today launched a new version of its SOLOMO Exchange platform. The patent-pending SOLOMO Exchange 2.0 lets marketers implement and manage localized and personalized campaigns, devices, and sensors across their enterprises.

SOLOMO's Exchange platform offers the following features:

  • Marketer-Friendly SOLOMO Exchange Portal — Including four feature-rich dashboards (Visits, Engagement, Behavior, and Real-Time Data & Maps) that put location intelligence at marketers' fingertips.
  • SOLOMO Beacon — A patent-pending, low-cost WiFi and Bluetooth sensor that takes less than two hours to install. Exclusive to SOLOMO, the SOLOMO Beacon irreversibly scrambles unique device identifiers such as WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses within the location, ensuring that neither SOLOMO nor its customers can transmit, store, or access this information without consumers' permission at any time.
  • "Sensor-Agnostic" Platform — SOLOMO Exchange is sensor-agnostic, meaning it can knit together a variety of indoor location technologies and sensors, including WiFi, Bluetooth (e.g., Apple's iBeacon), RFID, and GPS, to create compelling indoor experiences and maintain marketers' flexibility.
  • SOLOMO Exchange APIs — SOLOMO's APIs enable businesses and their developers to integrate SOLOMO Exchange's location and personal content and services into their own branded mobile apps.
  • Interactive Maps — Businesses can enable their consumer apps with interactive maps and wayfinding to see real-time maps of all locations, sensors, devices and customers.

SOLOMO has built exclusive privacy protections into both the SOLOMO Exchange platform and the SOLOMO Beacon. Through SOLOMO, individuals can decide to share personal data with specific brands, businesses, or locations and can grant or revoke permission at any time. Following the announcement of the Future for Privacy Forum's Code of Conduct, SOLOMO is working with other industry leaders to implement the code to safeguard data privacy, advise shoppers when their device is recognized, and simplify opt-out procedures, among other policies.

"In today's hyper-connected mobile world, consumers expect personalized experiences, not just while shopping, but while traveling, in the office, at sporting events, and throughout their daily lives," said Liz Eversoll, founder and CEO of SOLOMO, in a statement. "SOLOMO Exchange simplifies the myriad of location technologies into a single platform that enables marketers to engage with consumers and create new localized experiences; provides operations with location analytics to optimize facilities and staff; and supports IT with simple installation, privacy and enterprise management capabilities across locations, sensors and devices. Lastly, SOLOMO empowers consumers to take control of their personal identity information, allowing them to decide whether to keep it private or exchange it for value with businesses."

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