• September 21, 2017

SAP Launches SAP Hybris Commerce Travel Accelerator

SAP today released a new version of SAP Hybris Commerce, travel accelerator, to help airlines meet the demands of digital travelers.

With this travel-specific commerce solution, airlines can maintain consistent pricing and promotions across web, mobile, kiosk, sales desk, on-board/in-flight, contact center, and distribution channels.

Compliant with the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard advanced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), SAP Hybris Commerce, travel accelerator, supports travel providers with modern retailing practices. The solution includes such features as personalized offers. With it, airlines can determine which products are offered to whom and at what price based on current customer activity, booking history, loyalty status, and sales channel. Products, fares, flight ancillaries like extra leg room and partner products are stored individually in a central catalog.

These most recent enhancements to the travel accelerator allow airlines to do the following:

  • Deliver retail commerce capabilities on industry-standard airline reservation systems;
  • Create bundles and promotional offers across customer segments and channels;
  • Implement direct-connect initiatives to agencies and business-to-business partners by using IATA's NDC standard;
  • Combine ATPCOfares with dynamic fares and flight ancillaries managed directly in the SAP Hybris Commerce solution; and
  • Dynamically bundle air content with accommodation to create single-price packages and offers.

"The way consumers research and book their travel is experiencing a fundamental shift, driven largely by the digital revolution," said Matthias Goehler, senior vice president and head of industry solutions at SAP Hybris, in a statement. "With the booking process no longer linear, airlines who rely on indirect distribution for sales will face major challenges when competing in a digital world that demands a retail-centric approach. The travel accelerator for SAP Hybris Commerce...offers advanced travel retailing and merchandising capabilities that meet contemporary business demands to drive business growth."

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