• March 27, 2019

Rosnet Introduces the Intelligent Analytics Data Visualization Platform

Restaurant data management provider Rosnet has launched Intelligent Analytics, an integrated data discovery platform that provides insight into data relationships by placing data in a visual context.

"Traditionally, restaurant professionals had to extract and interpret data from multiple platforms, which eats away at efficiency and obscures patterns in the data," said Patrick Bobrukiewicz, director of business development at Rosnet, in a statement. "Intelligent Analytics compiles data across the various platforms being used in the restaurant space and then illustrates the analytics. For multi-unit operators, this kind of integrated, illustrated analytics solution is critical."

Intelligent Analytics leverages visual language to highlight gaps, changes, and patterns and then generates charts, tables, and infographics that illustrate as many integrated variables as needed.

For example, if a marketing team wants to measure traffic against profit following the rollout of an ad campaign, Intelligent Analytics compiles a chart that highlights the relationship while solving for the differences in scale. If an operator wants to protect against fraud and theft, Intelligent Analytics can assemble visual analytics for open ticket times, voids, discounts, and checks cashed. The platform also offers insight into profit margins, weather-to-traffic relationships, trend testing, and more.

"Intelligent Analytics allows for a holistic, top-down view of restaurant operations, whether for one location or 100," Bobrukiewicz said. "Now, data from operations, real estate, marketing, and accounting pools into one location, then presents to the user in the most understandable way thanks to our data visualization technology."

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