• June 25, 2014

RightAnswers Introduces SmartService for Knowledge Management

RightAnswers, a provider of cloud-based knowledge management products and services, has unveiled its new SmartService offering for service organizations to improve their customer service, internal support, and business performance through better knowledge creation, usage, and maintenance.

RightAnswers' latest version creates a whole new experience for knowledge authors and agents, with interfaces to streamline how agents create knowledge and search across the knowledgebase, external sources, and social knowledge. Also included is tighter integration of RightAnswers into the ticketing or case management system.

Rounding out the expanded RightAnswers offering is an array of knowledge services, including knowledge authoring, conversion, and migration into existing environments and translation into any language. RightAnswers also provides ongoing training and mentoring and help with the adoption of its clients' knowledge initiative.

In addition to its knowledge, and knowledge authoring, management, workflow and automation tools, RightAnswers has enhanced its capabilities with the following:

  • expanded social capabilities;
  • guided navigation and interactive knowledge that lead agents, customers and employees to the answer;
  • knowledge federation that finds knowledge wherever it resides on the network;
  • enhanced multilingual support;
  • video creation;
  • extensive dashboards and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the knowledgebase; and
  • gamification to motivate knowledge authors and agents to improve and to keep the knowledge fresh.

"In this new digital age where everything is connected, people's expectations around customer service and support have fundamentally changed. SmartService, with our advanced technology, services, analytics, and approach to knowledge, creates better customer experiences, which is crucial for any service organization," explained Simon Yelsky, vice president of product management and marketing at RightAnswers, in a statement.

"This new version of RightAnswers is exactly what our clients have been clamoring for: a leading knowledge product that offers social collaboration tools, video capabilities, gamification, and analytics around knowledge quality, coupled with consultancy and other services. RightAnswers offers a unique and comprehensive approach to knowledge and service," said John Ragsdale, vice president of technology and social research atTSIA, in a statement.

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