• February 24, 2016

RevTwo Launches with In-App Customer Support Solution

RevTwo, a startup providing in-app support, exited stealth mode today with a vision to provide universal, built-in support within every app on every device.

The company's first offering, the RevTwo In-App Support Platform, enables mobile app users to connect with app evangelists and users from across the world for real-time support. RevTwo enables users to connect with other users, in-app, with the push of a button.

"At today's speed of app development, support is almost always an afterthought, something tacked on long after a release, or often, never included," said Dale Calder, co-founder and CEO of RevTwo, in a statement. "At RevTwo, we're disrupting that model and putting support and human connection at the center of development and the app experience.  We founded RevTwo on the belief that fast, easy support is a universal right and need for end users of any technology."

In addition to the community model, the RevTwo platform provides universal support for every stage of the app lifecycle. Functionality includes free tools for developer support throughout testing and in-app professional help desk support services to connect users to a help desk within the app through audio, video, and screen share.

"Our in-app, community-based support will completely transform the user experience," said Jim Hansen, co-founder and chief technology officer of RevTwo, in a statement. "From a teacher in Alabama helping a student in California solve a math problem to a professional gamer in Japan providing tips and tricks to a player in Holland, for the first time ever, users can get the help they need from their peers without ever leaving their apps."

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