• October 30, 2018

Return Path Launches Dynamic Optimization

Data solutions provider Return Path has added Dynamic Optimization to its suite of email deliverability and optimization product offerings. Leveraging Return Path's advanced analytics capabilities, Dynamic Optimization uses the client's email service provider data to provide customized sending recommendations designed to overcome low inbox placement and subscriber list fatigue.

Powered by EmailDNA, Dynamic Optimization provides customized solutions that can be integrated directly into marketers' workflows. It learns over time, becoming smarter as new data is fed into the model.

"Every email marketing program is unique, which means that challenges like low inbox placement or a high unsubscribe rate require more than generic best-practice advice," said Scott Ziegler, vice president of product management at Return Path, in a statement. "With Dynamic Optimization, we're using advanced analytics combined with the client's own data to provide customized, actionable solutions to their specific email issues. As a result of using Dynamic Optimization, customers will see improved deliverability, better subscriber engagement, and increased ROI from the email channel."

Dynamic Optimization includes the following:

  • Sending Priority, which applies advanced analytics to client data to classify each individual subscriber based on engagement. These results generate unique, specific, and customized recommendations on exactly how to prioritize email sends for each group within a given campaign.
  • Engagement Assurance, which identifies fatigued subscribers who should be temporarily suppressed from further email sends to prevent negative engagement and unsubscribes. These recommendations also determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to the active mailing list

The recommendations generated by Sending Priority and Engagement Assurance are constantly updated and the recommendations improve over time as the advanced analytics model learn with the addition of new data.

"The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing technology is really in its infancy. We believe that AI techniques like advanced analytics and machine learning can liberate marketers from complex data analysis, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their job," Ziegler said. "Dynamic Optimization is just the beginning for AI-powered solutions at Return Path. It's truly an exciting time for marketers and marketing technology."

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