• January 10, 2017

Resonate Releases Consumer Life Stage Data

Resonate, a provider of consumer intelligence-to-activation software, has released consumer life-stage data to help marketers target customers during critical purchasing periods.

Resonate, which maintains a large pool of consumer data based on more than 200,000 long-form surveys, expanded its data set to incorporate questions about what types of life transitions consumers are about to go through and when. In addition, through real-time contextual analysis of 15 billion events per day and modeling on more than 230 million consumers, Resonate enables marketers to target people as they are going through these transition periods. For example, even if an individual is getting married in seven months, marketers can reach him during each step in in the purchase path from invitation design to honeymoon destination planning.

Marketers can now target campaigns based on the following life stages:

  • Purchasing a home;
  • Making major home renovations;
  • Buying a major home appliance;
  • Buying or lease a car;
  • Changing jobs;
  • Getting engaged;
  • Getting married;
  • Becoming a parent;
  • Becoming a grandparent;
  • Having a new teen driver;
  • Having a child go away to college;
  • Having a child graduate from college;
  • Having a child get married;
  • Retiring from full-time work; and
  • Having a spouse or partner retire from full-time work

This new data further enhances Resonate's consumer intelligence, which already includes values, beliefs, motivators, and purchase drivers at the individual level.

"With this unique data, marketers can now reach consumers with the right messaging at the right time during significant life transition periods," said Andy Hunn, Resonate's chief operating officer, in a statement. "Whether it is buying a first home, getting married, or looking for safe products for a new baby on the way, these important life stages are when people move away from auto-pilot shopping and make conscious buying decisions. Like never before, marketers now have the opportunity to get their message in front of those individual consumers making significant life changes as they are happening."

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