• March 29, 2022

Reputation Launches Competitive Intelligence

Reputation today introduced Competitive Intelligence, enhancing its platform with deeper insights and analytics.

With Competitive Intelligence, companies learn why their competition's online reputation is what it is and how to gain an advantage with target customers and market trends.

"Every company is searching through data to find their golden nugget to inform their business strategy, and Reputation is alleviating the pain of sifting through various data sources to enable a holistic view of a brand within one platform," said Pranav Desai, chief product officer of Reputation, in a statement. "To understand the world outside of a company's four walls and get insight into what is and isn't working for its competitors, businesses have to start relying on unstructured data to meet their goals."

Using Reputation's deep machine learning and natural language processing, businesses can aggregate competitor customer feedback  to compare and discover more about the market and competition. Competitor ratings, Reputation Score X, online review comments, category and sentiment trends, and impact indicators by location will help companies fully understand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within their markets. With a completely customizable user interface, it delivers insights for all levels of the business, from day-to-day operations to key decision-makers.

Competitive Intelligence is a stand-alone product that pairs with Reputation's RXM suite of products.

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