• November 7, 2018

Reltio Releases Reltio Cloud 2018.3

Reltio, a provider of master data management, today released version 2018.3 of Reltio Cloud that introduces the Data Quality Confidence Indicator and enhancements for data connectivity and self-service.

New features in Reltio Cloud 2018.3 include the following:

  • Data Quality Confidence Indicators, a machine learning-based Data Quality IQ (DQIQ) score that grades the quality of data in each profile. A Reltio Rank then highlights the importance and relevance of a profile compared to other profiles. Metrics are continuously updated and persisted as profile attributes, making them searchable and segmentable.
  • Customizable IQ Scores - Together with Reltio's DQIQ score, users can also leverage Reltio IQ, a separate module, to customize their own DQIQ variants and create an unlimited number of IQ scores and attributes. Examples include Churn IQ, Upsell IQ, and Compliance IQ.
  • Relevance-Based Matching, which can associate an action to be performed based on a configurable relevance score of a match pair.
  • Reltio Data Loader, which allows users, with the appropriate authority, to load unlimited volumes of data. Users can visually map, transform, and data and monitor progress.
  • Self-Healing Services that can preemptively take action to handle spikes during extreme traffic loads. They also continuously monitor data to detect and report possible inconsistencies across multimodel repositories.
  • An upgraded role management web interface to set password policies, SSO integration, and to manage, monitor, and audit user access privileges. This fine-grained privileges model can be configured for any combination of users, roles, or groups.
  • Flexible Data Privacy and Protection to ensure access from companies' whitelisted corporate IP addresses.

"Data organized in Reltio Cloud is now the only data available to business users with a confidence indicator," said Reltio CEO Manish Sood in a statement. "Enterprises need quantitative metrics to gauge data quality, and we're proud to be the first to bring those to market, along with updates for scalability, connectivity, security and more. We believe these advances offer significant opportunities for many data-driven business initiatives. In fact, our customers are telling their teams that they must Reltio data before trusting it enough for real-time operational customer 360 views, analytics, machine learning, and for meeting data privacy and compliance regulations."

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