• February 24, 2015

RelateIQ Releases Sales Reporting Tools

RelateIQ today announced new sales reporting tools to help users visualize activity, pipeline, and sales directly in their RelateIQ app.

While the app is built on relationship intelligence and automatic data capture, these reports will provide actionable insights that help drive everyday business decisions for small and midsized businesses.

According to the company, the main goal of the application is to help sales organizations answer the important question, "How am I tracking this quarter?," whether measured in dollars closed, inbound leads, or amount of communication activity.

The new reports are based on three major pillars: Activity, Pipeline, and Sales, and include the following:

  • Activity Reporting, which automatically captures communication data from daily business routines, like email, meetings, and calls. Users can now report on that activity to see how active their sales teams are with the Activity Leaderboard or analyze how much activity occurred within each status. Users can also see activity trends, like how much email happened over the past few weeks.
  • Pipeline Reporting to help sales teams visualize how deals are moving through each stage of the sales process. Users can see what percentage of deals are converting through each status, the win rate of each member of the sales team, and where deals might be getting held up.
  • Sales Reporting that lets sales teams track how much revenue they've closed. Besides tracking revenue over time, users can also visualize where each rep stands during the quarter with the sales leaderboard and compare their average deal sizes.

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