• June 5, 2019

RedPoint Launches Digital Acquisition Platform for Targeted Ad Experiences

RedPoint Global, a provider of customer data platform (CDP) and customer engagement technologies, today introduced the RedPoint Digital Acquisition Platform for targeted ad experiences.

This solution enables users to directly access and control granular data to dynamically determine the next-best offer to serve in ad networks. They can define an audience once and deliver an offer or message to any number of touchpoints, with a closed loop of response data returned for optimized interaction, re-targeting, and increased contextual relevancy of the next-best message or offer. They can also manage communications across all online and offline touchpoints.

"Having an accurate, comprehensive, and in-depth customer record that is available in real time to any interaction touchpoint is critical in empowering brands to compete based on customer experience," said Dale Renner, CEO and co-founder of RedPoint Global, in a statement. "Previously, marketers lacked control over their data and advertising platforms and had no reliable way of matching downstream interactions back to the CDP. The RedPoint Digital Acquisition Platform helps brands simplify and optimize interactions with true measurement and optimization for all data at the speed and scale required to improve customer engagement."

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