• January 8, 2014

Realty Develops an Industry-Specific CRM System

Search Realty has developed its own proprietary CRM system called CocoonCRM that allows for automated data entry, lead distribution based on performance and location, automated filters for higher-quality leads, integration of Google Apps, more control and more effective automated marketing .

Cocoon CRM is for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages in that it simplifies the process from when a lead comes in to when a lead closes. CocoonCRM enables real estate teams to manage customers, contacts, and prospective leads. It helps in maintaining and generating quality leads (through email, phone number, and social media automated validation) and also allows real estate brokerages to keep customers, tasks, and schedules aligned and up to date. CocoonCRM also tracks sales representative activity, payments, and commissions.

Sterling Wong, co-founder and broker-of-record at Search Realty, said in a statement that he has removed all the unnecessary functionality that other CRM systems possess, which never get used, and focuses on the areas that are most important to sales representatives, team leaders, and broker owners.

Wong is offering an "all-you-can-eat" leads program for $99 per month. He says Cocoon CRM identifies if an agent is making calls or not, and if he is, it will send him additional leads; as soon as the sales representative gets too busy and falls behind, the CRM recognizes this and will not send leads until he is caught up.

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