• September 12, 2019

Really Simple Systems Launches Zapier Template for QuickBooks

Coud CRM vendor Really Simple Systems has launched an integration with accounting software provider QuickBooks Online via Zapier.

The Zapier Template automatically generates invoices and updates customer records in QuickBooks from sales opportunities created in the Really Simple Systems CRM.

"Our Zapier Template with QuickBooks Online makes the integration quick and easy to set up. The required fields automatically default to the correct settings to capture the invoicing data from the CRM. This means when you close a sales opportunity that has been created in the CRM, invoices will automatically be generated in QuickBooks Online. All the information is synchronized with QuickBooks, where users can then send the invoice to their customer," ;Really Simple Systems' CEO, John Paterson, said in a statement.>

"QuickBooks Online has been growing in popularity internationally," he continued. "We recognise there is a defined synergy with our target audience and identified the need to create an integration. By working with our integration partner Zapier, we have been able to create a cost-effective solution for our customers."

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