• December 8, 2022

Really Simple Systems Launches Workflow Automation

Cloud CRM vendor Really Simple Systems today launched a workflow automation feature that will allow users to create workflows in the CRM.

The no-code Automations use a graphical interface rather than traditional computer coding. The workflows can be used for a wide variety of processes in the CRM, including marketing activity with automated campaigns and lead scoring.

"I'm genuinely excited about the launch of our workflow automation software. It will open up a whole new level of functionality for our customers and takes the Really Simple Systems features set up to a level that was previously only provided by competitors costing 10 times as much,"Really Simple Systems' founder and CEO, John Paterson, said in a statement.

"Customers who are new to workflow automations are in for a big surprise. It will literally change their lives. If you are looking to run campaigns using marketing automation, then our new workflow automation tools mean you can automate whom receives which messages and score each new lead according to their activity. It really is a game-changer," said Helen Armour, Really Simple Systems' general manager, in a statement.

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