• October 2, 2019

Really Simple Systems Launches Custom Charts Feature

CRM vendor Really Simple Systems today launched theCRM Custom Charts feature that allows users to create their own dashboard chart widgets, providing a snapshot of their performance and pinpointing their key metrics.

Users can create Custom Charts from a whole range of CRM system data, such as team performance, sales targets, marketing analysis, and client records, using both standard and custom data fields.

"The new Custom Charts development comes as a direct response to customer feedback. They loved the standard dashboard widgets that we offered but wanted to edit the data sets to make them more relevant to their business," said Really Simple Systems CEO John Paterson in a statement. "We've, therefore, taken things a step further, letting customers create their own chart widgets using a simple chart builder. There's a variety of formats available for the charts and almost no limit to what data can be used to create a chart."

Custom Charts format options include pie charts, horizontal and vertical bar charts, line charts, and gauges. Users can select data from all areas of the CRM and filter records. Charts can be saved to CRM dashboards for sales, marketing, or service, kept private, or shared with colleagues.

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