• April 3, 2014

ReachLocal Launches ReachSEO

ReachLocal, a provider of local online marketing for small to midsized businesses (SMBs), has launched ReachSEO to help SMBs drive more organic search traffic to their Web sites powered by ReachEdge, a marketing automation platform designed specifically to convert visitors into leads and sales.

Combined, ReachSEO and ReachEdge provide SEO, a smart Web site, and lead management that all work synergistically. The result is enhanced organic visibility, brand footprint and reputation; an increase in visitors and targeted conversions; and insights into which marketing channels generate the most customers. In addition, this combination enables customers to know exactly which calls, email, and forms come directly from their SEO efforts.

"Many SMB Web sites we see are out-of-date and not optimized on search engines, social media, and business directories for discovery by consumers. Without that optimization, businesses are missing the reach needed to increase contacts and transactions," said Kris Barton, chief product officer at ReachLocal, in a statement. "Together, ReachSEO and ReachEdge provide an integrated, symbiotic offering that drives SMB visibility, lead tracking, and conversions, making ReachEdge more powerful than ever before."

ReachSEO includes the following features:

  • Keyword identification and optimization: ReachLocal works with SMBs to identify top keywords, apply them to existing content, and optimize Web sites.
  • Content optimization and publishing: ReachLocal creates original content, such as custom infographics and blog posts, and publishes and syndicates that content.
  • Social media integration: ReachLocal works with clients to set up and optimize their presence on Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Local SEO: With ReachSEO, clients gain an on-site location page optimized for local search.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reports provide clients with information on captured leads and ReachLocal SEO agents with details of program optimization. Lead tracking and lead reports let clients know which calls, leads, and customers come from SEO, allowing them to better measure their ROI.

ReachSEO is available immediately in the United States to businesses using the ReachEdge marketing automation platform, with two service levels: ReachSEO Core and ReachSEO Pro. Both levels offer keyword research and optimization, onsite content creation and publishing, social media syndication, optimized maps and local listings, and ongoing review and maintenance. The ReachSEO Core service, which provides one blog post per week and two topic pages every six months, is $999 per month for six months, with a six-month minimum. ReachSEO Pro, which offers two blog posts per week and four topic pages every six months, is $1,499 per month for six months, with a six-month minimum.

The ReachSEO app joins ReachLocal's mobile app, which the company launched in late 2012.

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