• September 23, 2015

Rare.io Launches Automated Predictive Email Marketing Solution for Online Retailers

Rare.io officially launched today to provide online retailers with an automated predictive email marketing solutions. Rather than blasting every customer who's ever made a purchase with an identical email, Rare.io delivers personalized email based on individual purchase histories.

"Anyone who's ever purchased anything online knows the relentless spam that's certain to follow," said Rob Lane, CEO of Rare.io, in a statement. "Our predictive email solution is fundamentally changing this practice by creating interesting and timely follow up emails. Since we quietly launched in February, we've sent over 17 million emails that are directly attributable for $2.3 million in incremental revenue for the stores. Why settle for poor click-through rates when you can use your stores' transactions to make email relevant to the reader on any device they use?"

Rare.io provides an intelligent algorithm that analyzes historical data looking at customer purchase behavior, including the goods they've bought and the time and date of purchase. This technology not only provides a tailored recommendation list, but also automatically sends emails to the customer at the time they're most likely to open the email and make the purchase. The prediction engine can even predict which customers are at risk of churning and automatically take preventative action.

Online retailers hosted on the Shopify and Spree platforms can seamlessly implement Rare.io and create custom email design for their customers using simple drag-and-drop technology. Other integrations are in the works, according to the company.

"Since implementing Rare.io, we've gone through a major shift in how we're using newsletters as a marketing tool in our company," said Sebastian Kaufmann, founder and CEO of Kaufmann Mercantile, in a statement. "We switched from sending emails to one group of people to a web of emails which are segmented, incredibly personalized, and running on automated triggers according to each individual's behavior. In short, we've seen a tremendous improvement in returning customers, and that's made a major impact on our bottom line."

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