• April 11, 2017

Ranker.com Launches Ranker Insights

Ranker.com, a web ranking platform, has launched Ranker Insights, an audience insights platform that leverages more than seven years of polling data, 40 million unique monthly visitors, and roughly 10 million monthly votes, to help marketers discover deep psychographic insights into consumer audiences and preferences, inform the creative process, target the right audiences, buy media more efficiently, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

In creating Ranker Insights, Ranker has leveraged millions of data points to create B2B partnerships with a range of networks, production companies, movie studios, and music labels. Supporting Ranker Insights will be a full concierge service to assist clients directly, guiding them through customized data queries.

"Ranker collects over 10 million votes monthly across thousands of granular lists," said Clark Benson, CEO of Ranker, in a statement. "This scale of opinion voting has built a treasure trove of psychographic people who like X also like Y data, which has been built into our SaaS product, Ranker Insights."

Ranker Insights generates unique and comprehensive data profiles of thousands of actors, movies, celebrities, TV series, musicians, video games, politicians, athletes, restaurants, and companies. Each profile includes demographic popularity (broken down by age, sex, and geographic region) within its global audience, and an extensive series of lists detailing the overlap in fan preferences with hundreds of other films, TV shows, stars, etc.

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