• November 29, 2017

Quriobot Launches for Collecting Web Feedback

The founding team of Hugo Events today launched Quriobot, a new way of asking for feedback and helping website visitors find what they are looking for.

The aim of Quriobot is to help companies turn static web forms into engaging conversations. Companies can also use Quriobot for lead retrieval on their websites by replacing the standard contact form with a conversational interface.

"We see so many companies trying to retrieve feedback and optimize the consumer experience, but too often boring forms are used to do so. Not only are response rates dropping, customers are getting tired of it. And if your customers get tired of you, the experience will be damaged. So instead of just letting people mark a checkbox, let's have a friendly conversation," said Guy Kessels, one of the founders of Quriobot, in a statement.

The Quriobot platform is currently in beta and free to try.

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