• July 15, 2021

Qubit Launches CommerceAI

Qubit, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered personalization, today launched Qubit CommerceAI to deliver advanced one-to-one personalization.

Qubit CommerceAI combines customer data, including intent, and design tools. Through deep learning, companies can learn more about their customers and determine the products from their catalogs that will drive actual sales performance.

"Although the growth of ecommerce exceeded all expectations last year, with no sign of slowing, many customers are still frustrated with the online shopping experience because they either can't easily find what they're looking for or the products being recommended are not individually targeted," Qubit's CEO and founder, Graham Cooke, said in a statement. "Brands can remedy this by using modern technologies like deep learning to better understand customer behavior and create truly tailored shopping experiences; ones that connect visitors directly with the products they're most interested in. Deep learning-driven product recommendations not only drive 1:1 personalized shopping experiences, they also allow brands to derive more value and revenue from their entire product catalogs."

Existing Qubit modules include the following

  • 1:1 Product Recommendations.
  • 1:1 Product Badging, allowing companies to create custom badges or use pre-built badging templates to launch campaigns in just a few clicks. This module also includes dynamic decisioning.
  • Personalized Content, which helps companies set up, update, and manage personalized content campaigns, as well as rapidly deploy campaigns and promotions with personalized content at any point in the customer journey.
  • Abandonment Recovery, where systems monitor customer behavior to trigger abandonment strategies when a visitor leaves the site. Alerts are executed on site, via email, or by SMS or push notifications.
  • Visitor Pulse, for asking customers their preferences, interests, and/or intent.
  • Replenishment, which predicts when customers will need to reorder items, such as beauty products, and automatically serves replenishment prompts at the right time for each visitor. An open integration framework enables replenishment to be executed on site, in real time, or via email.

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