• December 7, 2016

Quantifind Launches Signum Impact

Quantifind today released Signum Impact, an application that measures the financial impact of marketing campaigns and sponsorships on demand.

Powered by data science, Signum Impact enables marketers to learn what's working, what's not, with whom and why in real time.

"Marketers already know that the days of guessing at ROI and marketing in the rear-view mirror are over. It isn't a matter of deciding whether to embrace data-driven revenue accountability, it's just a question of how," said Joshua Reynolds, head of marketing and client consulting at Quantifind, in a statement. "Signum Impact gives marketers an intuitive, on-demand view of their effectiveness in terms CEOs and CFOs understand—revenue. And rather than waiting to assess performance after the fact, Signum Impact allows marketers to course-correct their marketing activities on the fly to generate the highest possible ROI."

Signum Impact discovers which audiences have a strong affinity for a brand, where the brand has room to grow, what messages are most effective, and how the campaign performed in terms of dollar impact. For sponsorships, marketers get on-demand insight into which sponsorships have the greatest resonance with target audiences, compare sponsorship effectiveness on the fly to optimize spend, quantify the incremental dollar impact, and have ROI data at their fingertips to negotiate with rights holders.

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