• October 11, 2019

Qualtrics Launches the CoreXM Enterprise Insight Platform

Qualtrics has launched the CoreXM insight solution, taking all the capabilities previously found in Qualtrics Research Core while adding functionality to help experience management professionals listen to their customers and employees, understand their experiences, and take real-time action.

With CoreXM, all existing Research Core customers will be automatically transitioned onto the new solution, which includes artificial intelligence-powered data quality checks, the ability to customize XM workflows, upgraded governance controls, built in conjoint analysis, and many other new features.

With CoreXM companies can tap into listening channels, gather critical insights, and enable action. From there, they can grow into more specialized XM disciplines, including CustomerXM, EmployeeXM, ProductXM, and BrandXM.

"The experience economy is demanding a shift in the way organizations engage with their customers and employees. Qualtrics is leading the way to help businesses turn experience data into their competitive advantage," said Kelly Waldher, executive vice president of CoreXM at Qualtrics, in a statement. "CoreXM is the foundation of experience management. It allows companies to take action on X-data, empowering product designers to test market fit, HR professionals to engage and retain employees, customer service executives to address pain points quicker, and brand practitioners to increase brand loyalty."

A few of the new capabilities found in CoreXM include the following:

  • Conjoint Analysis, with advanced analytics capabilities to optimize products, package combinations, and pricing by scientifically identifying consumer preferences;
  • Expert Review intelligence layers that automatically scrub response data to detect and eliminate poor-quality feedback;
  • XM Controls that help administrators manage and monitor compliance, data, users, and activity at scale;
  • XM Directory, providing a complete view of all customer and employee data to track experience journeys, build rich respondent profiles, and conduct sophisticated research;
  • XM Solutions, an automated methodology and workflows that can be customized; and
  • Enhanced User Interface , with refreshed product homepage and improved navigation.

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