• November 4, 2022

Qualtrics Launches Manager Assist

Qualtrics has launched Manager Assist, a platform that empowers managers to listen to, understand, and act on feedback from their teams in real time.

Manager Assist brings together and analyzes the feedback employees offer through engagement surveys, and, with Qualtrics Discover, what employees are saying on public channels. It will tap into Qualtrics' XM Benchmarks to help managers understand their biggest risks and opportunities based on the billions of data points on Qualtrics' XM Platform. Managers receive a comprehensive picture of how trends translate both by geography and industry and automated recommendation prompts.

Manager Assist optimizes the results of engagement pulses that helps managers understand what should be celebrated and which actions they can take with their teams to improve. It can analyze text sources, such as open text survey responses, human resources tickets, public social media, and enterprise chat. Qualtrics artificial intelligence and natural language processing will comb through the data and recommend actions.

Manager Assist will further reveal Cross XM insights to help managers know the most important actions that can both drive employee engagement and drive customer success.

Manager Assist also leverages built-in action planning and collaboration tools, so managers can huddle with their teams to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and create plans with shared accountability. Those results and corresponding progress can then be shared with teams.

"Most people leave their jobs as a result of their managers, so we're enabling managers to become the heroes of the employee experience," said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics' president of products and engineering, in a statement. "Manager Assist puts the power of data into the hands of managers to understand how their teams are feeling and the experience their employees are having, and then empowers them to take the right actions to keep their teams working efficiently and effectively while also avoiding costly employee attrition."

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