• September 23, 2020

Qualtrics Launches Delighted AI

Qualtrics today unveiled Delighted AI, an artificial intelligence engine built directly into Delighted's customer experience platform.

Delighted, which was acquired by Qualtrics in 2018, developed its AI technology to automate the customer feedback process, from scheduling to analysis and reporting. Delighted AI is complementary to Qualtrics' Text iQ enterprise technology for customer experience management.

Delighted AI was created based on semantics and themes in the millions of customer feedback responses that Delighted and its customers have analyzed over several years.

With Delighted AI, users can do the following:

  • Ensure higher customer response rates. Delighted AI automatically knows when, and how, to ask customers for feedback based on adaptive sampling and smart scheduling.
  • Receive quality customer feedback. Delighted AI evaluates customer feedback to detect and prevent low-quality submissions.
  • Surface feedback themes and insights with Smart Trends, Delighted's AI-based text analysis that serves the top keywords and themes emerging in customers' open-ended feedback and creates and saves search filters and reports for ongoing analysis, down to the specific channel or point within the customer journey, such as onboarding or web support.

"Customer experience programs are rapidly evolving as companies have realized that relying on traditional metrics alone does not determine customer success. Instead, the customer experience leaders are winning based on gathering in-the-moment feedback that is immediately actionable and building a culture of continuous listening," said Caleb Elston, co-founder of Delighted, in a statement. "We created Delighted AI to empower companies to spend less time configuring, implementing, and analyzing so they can focus on acting on insights faster than any other technology or human could before."

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