• August 25, 2021

Qualtrics Introduces Brand Impact Simulator

Qualtrics today launched the Brand Impact Simulator, a self-service tool built on Qualtrics BrandXM that helps brand leaders understand and prioritize brand attributes, such as easy to use or ethically sourced, that have the greatest impact in helping them win new customers.

With Brand Impact Simulator, organizations can focus their brand strategies and marketing dollars by identifying the optimal mix of brand attributes that improve the key metrics that matter to them, such as increased sales, membership growth, or higher web traffic.

The Brand Impact Simulator can automatically simulate scenarios across desired attributes. Using consumer feedback gathered on the Qualtrics platform, the simulator can help companies anticipate and quantify, by percentage, on which brand attributes they should focus in their marketing messages to increase purchase consideration by potential customers. With this tool, organizations can understand which attributes correlate to a higher return in purchase consideration, set quantifiable goals in their campaigns, and use the data to inform business decisions, such as product investments.

"Customers have more choices than ever before, and, to remain competitive, organizations need a new approach to brand experience to help them quickly adapt to the constantly changing preferences of consumers," said Paul Sheets, Qualtrics' general manager of BrandXM, in a statement. "Brand Impact Simulator makes it easier than ever for brand and marketing leaders to quickly turn insight into action to strengthen their brands and accelerate customer acquisition."

National 4-H Council, the non-profit partner to 4-H, needed to promote growing 4-H program areas, such as STEM and workforce development. Brand Impact Simulator helped it identify which marketing opportunities and activities would significantly impact its goals so that 4-H could attract and welcome new members.

"As a non-profit, our challenge is maximizing our limited resources. We want more families to benefit from all of 4-H's life-changing programs, especially during these unprecedented times," said Danelle Sabathier, National 4-H Council's vice president of digital strategy, multichannel marketing, and media, in a statement. "With Brand Impact Simulator, we can focus on what matters to the families 4-H serves and build effective action plans that build upon our brand strategy and help us reach new audiences that enable us to advance our mission."

With Brand Impact Simulator, 4-H grew its brand awareness by 22 percent among new audiences, delivered a new brand strategy 35 percent faster, and saw a 12 percent increase in online community members in the past year.

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