• March 8, 2018

Qualtrics Adds to Its Experience Management Solution

Qualtrics has enhanced its Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform with the launch of the iQ Directory, PredictiQ, and Certified XM Solutions with industry-specific options.

iQ Directory enables predictive capabilities that forecast individual behavior, such as employee attrition and customer churn. It captures the emotions, sentiments, beliefs, and preferences of audiences. The iQ Directory contains all experience data collected over time, creating a system of record of all interactions and opinions each person has of the organization. Because each new interaction builds upon past information, this rich collection of experience data makes new interactions smarter over time, allowing companies to customize future touch points for each group based on past preferences.

As the iQ Directory is now recorded as transactional data, with each data point providing a record of each interaction throughout the individual's journey, it is possible to pinpoint key drivers and changes in sentiment over time. The application of machine learning helps predict how an individual might respond in a certain situation, empowering a company to be predictive in its outreach rather than just reactive.

Qualtrics also launched Predict iQ to help companies understand which customers are likely to leave and what they can do to prevent customer attrition before it happens. Using neural networking and open-source algorithms to make its predictions, Predict iQ uses Qualtrics Actions, allowing users to set up triggers to send emails, create tickets, or ping third-party services for immediate action.

Predict iQ centralizes all churn analysis and reduction efforts in one place and is deeply integrated into existing feedback collection. Predict iQ also complements Stats iQ, allowing companies to use Stats iQ to understand and fix systemic issues while leveraging Predict iQ to save individual customers.

Another release from Qualtrics was its Certified XM Solutions, a series of packaged projects and programs with expert content, workflow, and automation. These community-driven solutions provide complete industry-specific experience management programs, including everything from best practices, to content, to technical implementation, to survey design, to contact frequency guidance, to data analysis, and recommended next steps.

Qualtrics Certified XM Solutions currently include experience management solutions that span employee engagement, customer experience, and product and brand experience for many industries, including financial services, education, government, retail, B2B, and more.

These latest enhancements to the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform are available now as part of the CX, EX, and RC solutions.

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