• March 28, 2024

Qualtrics Adds AI Recommended Questions to Delighted Surveys

With tens of thousands of customers using Delighted Surveys ;following its launch in October, Qualtrics today launched AI Recommended Questions, an enhancement to the product powered by Qualtrics AI.

Currently, Delighted Surveys offers recommended questions and full survey templates for popular use cases. With AI Recommended Questions, Qualtrics expands the templates experience and personalizes it by leaning on AI to generate a list of context-aware questions for each survey that's built.

As soon as users add at least two questions to their surveys, Delighted's AI Recommended Questions will suggest three other questions for them to consider.

AI Recommended Questions has been trained on proprietary experience data from Qualtrics' database of human sentiment. This includes the questions that Delighted users have been asking their customers for the past five years.

AI Recommended Questions will not only enable users to create unique surveys, in any language, in minutes, it will also provide the guidance of a seasoned researcher.

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