• November 3, 2020

Quad Launches Quad Direct Marketing Exchange (QDMX)

Quad/Graphics has launched the Quad Direct Marketing Exchange (QDMX), a platform that delivers personalized direct marketing campaigns.

"For years there has been a feeling among marketers that there has to be a more efficient and effective way to reach the consumer through the mailbox," said Scott Harvey, Quad's senior vice president of marketing solutions, in a statement. "Through our QDMX platform, we provide marketers with an opportunity to re-imagine their direct marketing strategy, leveraging the scale, technology investments and expansive client base of Quad, to deliver even stronger ROI from the direct mail channel."

The first two offerings within the QDMX platform are the following:

  • Merged Mail, a solution that brings post-production mail optimization forward into the production process by combining campaigns from multiple clients into one mail stream. Marketers can still deliver dynamic, branded content for each individual piece of mail.
  • Multi-Pack, a solution in which Quad matches direct marketers who want to send mail to the same household at the same time together for a lot less than going solo. Clients can choose from five customizable direct mail formats. To increase the effectiveness of this solution, Quad offers its Accelerated Insights virtual testing platform, which allows marketers to test creative and formats prior to mailing to ensure the design resonates with consumers.

"Expectations for marketers to deliver measurable results have never been higher and, through out breakthrough QDMX platform, Quad has found a way to make the direct mail channel work even better for our clients," Harvey added. "Tangible, personalized content delivered directly to the consumer really does drive response, and we have created a way to do it faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. It's yet another example of how Quad is uncomplicating marketing and delivering more."

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