• March 11, 2014

Qliktag Introduces Q*Engine In-Store Mobile Merchandising Platform

Qliktag Software today launched its Qliktag Q*Engine in-store mobile merchandising platform, enabling brands and retailers to engage with customers in-store as they shop.

The cloud-based Qliktag Q*Engine platform allows businesses to create unique mobile experiences and promotions for each individual product or SKU. Consumers access these promotions and product information by using their smartphones to connect using standard barcodes, QR code labels, near-field communications, Bluetooth, or iBeacons.

Qliktag's Q*Engine Web platform can now be used to upload product data from virtually any inventory management, POS, or product catalog, and design unique promotions for each. The platform stores product information, video, custom forms, promotions, coupons, social media features, and more using a drag-and-drop interface.

"With Qliktag, we're offering retailers and brands a means to connect and engage using smart mobile technologies. Essentially, we are blending the online experience with the in-store experience and increasing sell through rates," said Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag Software, in a statement. "While our platform supports numerous activation technologies, we believe QR codes will continue to play a part in mobile merchandising. QR codes are not new to the retail industry but their potential has barely been tapped due to implementation limitations which make it difficult to deploy and customize for a large number of products or SKUs. Qliktag has the ability to generate thousands of QR codes and unique promotions on the individual product level so the customer gets a different experience for each item rather than just a single brand level promotion, which is how QR codes have been traditionally used."

Since its beta release at the end of 2013, a number of early customers have leveraged Qliktag to activate mobile engagement. Surf City Nissan, a Nissan car dealership in Huntington Beach, Calif., used Qliktag to create an interactive sales experience within its showroom and offer specific car details and information on QR codes placed on each car. This enabled dealers to pull up additional details about the car they were standing near with the buyer using their smartphones.

Butcher's Beer, a craft beer brewery, recently implemented a mobile activation for its patrons using Qliktag, allowing customers to learn more about the brews they were sampling. When customers scanned the QR code for a particular beer, they were directed to a mobile page that highlighted ingredients, tasting notes, and interesting facts. Users could also share the page for the brew on their Facebook and Twitter accounts with a single click, generating social media buzz for Butcher's and enhancing the drinking experience for customers.

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