• July 28, 2020

Pypestream Introduces Conversational Ads

Pypestream, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence with all-in-one cloud messaging, today released Conversational Ads, an immersive brand experience driven by in-ad engagements. Conversational Ads transform display ads by incorporating conversational AI alongside video, carousels, and surveys, creating two-way messaging interactions between consumers and companies at scale.

Companies that implement Conversational Ads can tailor experiences to deliver personalized recommendations on a wide range of topics, from insurance policy quotes to eCommerce product promotions to streaming content subscription packages. These interactions are powered with military-grade security and strict compliance with existing privacy regulations Conversational Ads can be targeted across thousands of publisher sites to both mobile and desktop devices.

"Banner blindness has forced brands to make their ads bigger, bolder, and brighter. Unfortunately, this strategy has exemplified the law of diminishing returns in that consumers are just getting more annoyed and turned off," said Richard Smullen, CEO of Pypestream, in a statement. "The answer is not to get louder but to get smarter, to get more personal, and with that, better understand the consumers and their intent. Conversational ads powered by AI achieve this at scale, and as these new ad units gain adoption, the entire advertising landscape will shift to ongoing dialogues."

Pypestream Conversational Ads deliver personalized ad content based on customer data and interactions through Pypestream's Dovetail AI, which recognizes and adapts to tone, sentiment, and even emojis. Dovetail's natural language understanding capabilities enable conversations to cover anything from product questions to pricing and paths to purchase.

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