• December 6, 2022

PubNub Releases React Native Chat UI Components

PubNub, providers of a platform for real-time interaction within virtual environments, has added React Native Chat UI Components to its product portfolio.

Chat UI Components are pre-built building blocks to create mobile and web chat experiences in iOS, Android, React, and now React Native. They enable developers to build chat applications in just a few lines of code. With it, development teams can reduce implementation time and build production-ready chat apps faster with predefined components and extend beyond chat and add unique real-time interactive experiences like polls, trivia, live maps, interactive whiteboards, and more without being constrained by chat-only drop-in widgets.

"Our customers have been excited to adopt our in-app chat with UI components," said Phani Pandrangi, vice president of product at PubNub, in a statement. "It enables them to quickly roll out feature-rich and customizable chat capabilities that work with their existing tech stacks, minimize dev time, and eliminates concerns about scalability, outages, and latency issues."

PubNub's iOS, Android, React, and React Native Component library provides chat features like sending/receiving messages, message history, online/offline presence, and much more.

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