• February 1, 2017

ProsperWorks CRM Launches Accelerator Suite

ProsperWorks today launched the Accelerator Suite, a new toolset that helps businesses implement sales best practices.

ProsperWorks surveyed hundreds of top sales executives and found that managers who create a culture of transparency, set aggressive yet attainable goals, and regularly optimize sales activity have a higher likelihood of hitting their sales targets.

"This newest addition to ProsperWorks makes it incredibly easy for our customers to roll out simple yet powerful sales strategies that are used by the fastest growing companies. Best of all, the Accelerator Suite is delivered in the same highly automated and simple interface that our customers love," said Jon Lee, CEO and co-founder of ProsperWorks, in a statement.

The new suite introduces features to help sales organizations do the following:

  • Set clear targets. With Goals, managers can now set clear revenue and activity targets, track daily progress, and identify the sales activities required to achieve the team's goals.
  • Measure performance continually. For each sales rep, the Sales Dashboard provides a scorecard that displays valuable insights, including pipeline health, conversion and win rates, average sales cycles, top activities, trends, and more.
  • Prioritize opportunities with the highest expected value. The Lead Dashboard helps sales teams and marketers understand which activities and lead sources drive the most ROI.
  • Increase transparency across teams. The Leaderboard shows sales reps how they rank among their peers and fosters friendly competition.
  • Optimize time management. The Today Dashboard summarizes each individual's daily schedule, including urgent tasks, follow-ups, meetings, and important events.

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