• March 23, 2016

Progress Releases Telerik Sitefinity 9.0

Progress today released the latest versions of its Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Telerik Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) customer analytics platforms.

With the release of Telerik Sitefinity 9.0, new features include improved personalization, multilingual asset support, multipage forms, and a 360-degree customer view. At the same time, Telerik Sitefinity 9.0 provides developers/IT with greater extensibility.

New features in Telerik Sitefinity 9.0 include the following:

  • Improved Personalization: Enables marketers to create personalization campaigns using flexible audience segmentation leveraging behavioral and demographic data from Telerik Sitefinity DEC;
  • 360-Degree Customer View: Centralizes and visualizes all customer interactions within the organization, from Web site page visits to defined marketing program conversion points, for dynamic decision-making using extended contact profiles in Telerik Sitefinity DEC;
  • Multilingual Asset Support: Ensures appropriate content is delivered to global audiences with localized digital assets;
  • Multipage Forms Support: Enables marketers to split long forms into smaller steps;
  • Continuous Delivery: Enables quicker deployments of new Web site functionality;
  • New APIs: Speeds and simplifies deployment with Modern Web Services RESTful API (OData) and API creation interface and JavaScript SDK;
  • Simplified Widget Creation: Improves performance for precompiled views and increases developer productivity with simplified widget creation via designers in the open-source Feather framework; and
  • Integrated Mobile Solution: Enables users to create content-driven mobile apps with Telerik Platform for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications.

"To deliver the real-time, hyper-personalized, responsive content customers expect, marketing organizations have no choice but to become more agile, as agility can mean the difference between being a leader or laggard," said Svetozar Georgiev, senior vice president of application platforms at Progress, in a statement. "Relying on IT and development for day-to-day tasks impedes digital marketing agility and hurts a team's ability to rapidly deliver innovative, personalized customer experiences. Spanning development, administrative, and marketing capabilities, Sitefinity 9.0 delivers a powerful platform that supports rapidly changing business initiatives and messaging, helping marketers respond more nimbly in today's fast-paced, multichannel world."

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