• December 2, 2022

ProTexting Launches Additional Users

ProTexting has launched the Additional Users feature to let clients add users to their SMS marketing campaigns, providing permissions to new team members who can access the system and manage texting campaigns.

"It's convenient for many of our clients to allow multiple users to manage accounts. The additional user messaging accounts will make it easy to do this," said ProTexting Chief Technology Officer Petar Kassov in a statement. "Many businesses have employees, who may be working from different stores, offices, or homes. To collaborate on text message campaigns, it's helpful to be able to quickly add users whenever you need to."

The Additional User form contains several fields, including the user's name, email, SMS sender number and credits limit, as an option. Every additional user is given a toll-free number or SMS-activated number from the master account or automatically assigned by the system. The number is transferred from the master account to the new user. If the user is ever removed, the number is returned to the master account.

Additional users have access to all the master account's text messaging apps. However, they can't purchase or activate new apps on their own. These actions need to be made by whoever is in charge of the master account and all features and apps are shared among the additional users.

Plans include access to a wide range of apps, including texting polls, contests, SMS autoresponders, text message virtual business cards, SMS sweepstakes, and more.

Businesses can add as many additional users as they want on a single master account.

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