• March 14, 2019

Prazely Launches to Improve Gifting

Prazely has launched an automated, artificial intelligence-driven marketing service that can scale personalized gifting.

"Swag just isn't enough anymore. At industry conferences, we constantly hear account-based marketing professionals say gifting is now their strategy of choice for growing target accounts," said Blanka Supe, co-founder of Prazely, in a statement. "We started this service to help companies connect with their clients, partners, and employees beyond the realm of digital communications. In a world where we're constantly forced to interact with peers via technology, we wanted to build software that would enable real-world connections instead."

Using AI to gather and analyze data from social profiles, Prazely helps businesses identify the perfect gift for any client. Each gift box is curated with quality brands and can be tailored to meet any timeline and fit any budget. From the packaging to the handwritten note, Prazely lets companies show key clients and potential customers that they matter.

"Prazely is poised to make a significant impact for companies to personalize their gifting and cultivate relationships with their clients by stepping outside of digitally dominated relationships," said Alex Graebe, co-founder of Prazely, in a statement. "When there are 10 other companies competing for that same account, marketers are looking for a way to stand out, and research validates that strategic gifting is a highly effective way to do that."

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