• October 25, 2018

Pramata Launches Fall 2018 Release

Pramata, a commercial relationship operations company, has launched its Fall 2018 Release to help large B2B companies deploy targeted solutions that identify and eliminate revenue leakage.

The Pramata Fall '18 Release introduces a user experience called Voyager that allows sales, billing, and finance teams to connect the commercial relationship dots between contracted agreements and actual billing and sales activities

"Companies have tried to solve the revenue leakage epidemic for a decade by patching together multiple technologies, combining that with countless manual steps requiring armies of people, only to find the data the've collected has gone stale after a month," said Praful Saklani, CEO of Pramata, in a statement. "With Pramata's next-gen platform, B2B enterprises can, for the first time, embrace a solution that brings all the necessary steps and technologies needed to identify and eliminate revenue leakage into a single, accessible, relationship-centric platform."

For sales operations teams, Pramata's platform provides the following:

  • Insights into cross-sell, upsell, and white-space opportunities;
  • Account research; and
  • The ability to run playbooks.

The new Pramata release also combines clean, accurate contractual data with company billing and operational system information, then injects analytics, scoring metrics, and a rules engine, and presents the results within the new Voyager user interface.

"With the technical depth of this platform, we can deploy Pramata's turn-key revenue leakage solutions more quickly for customers than ever before," said Justin Schweisberger, chief product officer at Pramata, in a statement. "No other vendor or approach can match this platform in its comprehensiveness and time to value for large B2B enterprises struggling with commercial relationship complexity."

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