• May 10, 2016

PowerObjects Adds PowerNurture to Microsoft Dynamics

PowerObjects, an HCL company, has released the PowerNurture add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enabling users to create drip campaigns that branch down different paths based on the actions of campaign recipients.

"With PowerNurture you can really put your marketing on auto-pilot," says Dean Jones, senior vice president at PowerObjects, in a statement. "You can set up specific branches for people to go down based on their actions throughout the campaign. So if I send an initial email and they click, I send them down one path. If they don't, I send them down another path. It can be as simple or complex as you want."

The add-on allows users to set up nurture campaigns that automatically send out emails, surveys, and SMS messages, trigger phone calls, notify CRM users, run workflows, remove from marketing lists, and much more. It works by combining wait, check, and action steps throughout the campaign.

PowerNurture also works with other PowerPack add-ons for marketing automation by PowerObjects, such as PowerEmail, PowerMailChimp, PowerSurveyPlus, PowerWebForm, and more. PowerNurture is one of 31 add-ons that PowerObjects has developed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality.

"One of the great things about PowerNurture is it doesn't actually cost any additional money," Jones said. "All you need are the other PowerPack solutions."

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