• June 2, 2015

Placecast Launches Mobile Data Management Platform as Stand-Alone Solution

Placecast has launched its mobile Data Management Platform (DMP) as a stand-alone solution.

Placecast's enterprise-grade, white-label DMP solution converts large mobile data sets into targeted audience profiles, but also helps brands and advertisers run display advertising and marketing campaigns. Placecast is able to identify users across multiple devices and deliver a highly personalized and measurable ad campaign to them

Placecast's mobile DMP has the following core features:

  • Data Ingestion: To date, more than 130 datasets have been ingested into the DMP from various first-, second-, and third-party data sources, such as first-party mobile operator and CRM data, second-party exchange and publisher data, and third-party POI and specialty data, such as weather and crime statistics. Once the data is ingested, the platform leverages its data matching technology to cleanse and normalize the data.
  • Data Normalization and Matching: The platform uses patented deterministic and probabilistic ID matching to find the same user on different devices, enabling brands to target these users for multi-screen advertising.
  • Place Profiles: As diverse datasets related to specific locations are ingested into the platform, clients are able to get a more in-depth understanding of the actual locations in the physical world.
  • Audience Segments: Once users are found across different devices, common associating data points and attributes are combined to create user personas that are then segmented into audience segments. Clients can currently target 34 premium mobile audience segments and 60 standard segments on mobile.

Clients can now use the mobile DMP as a stand-alone service to build audiences at scale or combine it with the company's DSP to optimize media buys and ad creative for mobile. Placecast's mobile DMP not only enables businesses to onboard data sets and build accurate audience segments; it also allows them to easily access large sets of POI and merchant data. Placecast's DMP clients also have access to advanced analytics and reporting on audience behavior in the real world.

"Our mobile DMP has been built and battle-tested by some of the largest enterprises in the world—companies with very large user bases and uniquely high standards for data privacy, reliability, and scalability. Our clients have seen great success with their location-based mobile ad campaigns, and we're excited to grow our platform into an even more robust DMP and DSP offering for our media and ad-tech customers," said Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, in a statement.

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