• May 9, 2017

Pitney Bowes Updates Communicate Solutions

Pitney Bowes today launched five new Communicate capabilities to help organizations reach and engage consumers.

"In the Digital Age, consumers interact with brands in a variety of ways, and they've shown a willingness to shift loyalties away from organizations that do not provide great, consistent experiences at every one of those touchpoints," said Chris Hall, vice president of customer engagement solutions at Pitney Bowes, in a statement. "The new updates and features within our Communicate portfolio will help clients keep pace and adapt to evolving customer preferences as new engagement channels and technologies emerge."

First launched in 2016, Pitney Bowes' Communicate solutions are designed specifically to help marketers, customer service, and customer experience executives with technology that dynamically guides personalized interactions across all channels. The new capabilities include the following:

  • EngageOne Video (EOV) v2.3, which combines video with user data to deliver interactive, personalized video. Through a new partnership with Rapt Media, users in telecommunications, insurance, utilities, and financial services can now access four video templates. The analytics and feedback generated through deployment allows companies to learn and adjust before investing in a fully customizable solution with the EOV platform.
  • EngageOne Digital Designer v2.0, which provides a browser-based interface that lets anyone create and deliver email, SMS, and push notifications using interactive and dynamic content optimized for display on any device. The application also offers interactive templates and drag-and-drop tools, non-delivery handling, dashboard reporting capabilities, and template import and export capabilities.
  • EngageOne Communications Suite v4.4, which enables users to design and deliver personalized real-time and batch multichannel communications to customers. Users can embed interactive video content in their print and digital communications. Other notable features include updates to EngageOne Interactive, to allow users to complete their templates across an expanded roster of compatible web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and faster processing of batch and on-demand communications.
  • EngageOne Output Manager v3.0, which optimizes document workflow with print management. This update also includes a new optional module, EngageOne Accessibility, that allows users to ingest PDF communications, create tags for output, and archive communications during the production workflow.
  • MAIL360 v4.0, which collects electronic mail event data from the U.S. Postal Service, automates translation of USPS event data, and matches it to business data using a standardized format. This enables companies to track and trace delivery of each mail piece, and gain visibility for both in-home delivery dates and undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. MAIL360 is introducing a new feature called Return Mail Workflow, which uses an automated process for reviewing and reconciling delivery addresses.

To help bring these technologies to market, Pitney Bowes has joined forces with several technology partners, including PointSource, Rapt Media, and Document Dialog, to help accelerate client digital transformation initiatives.

Document Dialogue and several clients, including TRACK Colombia, Geoffrey Insurance, and Delta Lloyd Group, have already begun deploying the new Communicate features.

"This is the future of marketing. Compelling digital content that gathers intelligence from the customer helps us create relevant campaigns that maximize customer engagement," said María Alejandra Mora, head of TRACK Colombia, in a statement. "With the digital transformation of our marketing services, global brands will deploy relevant campaigns that deliver measurable results and ROI quickly. We look forward to leading the way with these customer engagement technologies from Pitney Bowes."

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