• March 5, 2019

Pitney Bowes Launches Consumer Connect

Pitney Bowes today launched Consumer Connect, a self-service post-purchase marketing solution.

"Retail marketers spend a tremendous amount of time and money attracting consumers and getting them to click the buy button, only to leave them in the hands of third-party shipping partners for tracking and notifications until the package is delivered," said Lila Snyder, executive vice president and president of commerce services at Pitney Bowes, in a statement. "This created the opportunity to introduce Consumer Connect, a self-service marketing tool to engage consumers during the critical post-purchase experience. For the first time, we are putting control of that experience fully in the hands of retail marketers."

"We know from industry data that a package will receive an average of eight tracking requests between shipment and delivery. In most cases, that experience is basic, boring, and off-brand. Consumer Connect addresses this issue, transforming shipment tracking into a dynamic extension of a retailer's brand experience, ultimately driving more meaningful consumer engagement and new revenue opportunities," she added.

Consumer Connect allows consumers to do the following:

  • track shipments;
  • stay informed by email and SMS updates;
  • receive relevant promotions and product offers; and
  • initiate returns.

"Consumers are going to love Consumer Connect for the brand-consistent immersive experience. Retailers will love Consumer Connect because it will help to drive sales, decrease call center volumes, and increase customer loyalty," Snyder said.

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