• July 5, 2018

Pipedrive Launches Pipedrive for Financial Services

Pipedrive, a provider of sales pipeline software and CRM, has launched Pipedrive for Financial Services to help inancial services firms optimize their sales activities. The solution stems from a partnership with financial technology solutions provider Performance Insights.

Pipedrive for Financial Services is a sales pipeline platform optimized for financial sales with financial-sector-specific analytics tools, reporting, and mobility functions. It combines the Pipedrive CRM platform, with its focus on visual sales pipeline management, with modules added by Performance Insights to fully address the unique needs of banking, insurance, mortgage, and other financial services.

For example, Report Suite is a module that provides reporting, advanced analytics, and machine learning for improved forecasting and workflow notifications. Functionality includes data aggregation from multiple sales systems, cascaded reports and dashboards, advanced analytics and sales intelligence, custom designs, and on-demand printing.

The platform leverages best practice benchmarks sourced from more than 370 financial institutions. These include the best workflows (stages and statuses) to optimize sales velocity, sales pipeline momentum, and throughput. Users also get access to a comprehensive library of key performance indicators and sales benchmarks.

Pipedrive for Financial Services also integrates with the most popular third-party financial services systems, including core processors, loan origination, agency management, leasing, human resources incentive management, and investment systems.

"Our clients are some of the most respected and demanding financial institutions in the world. We have listened as they outlined their CRM needs and built Pipedrive for Financial Services with individual modules to address the unique needs of financial services. We are introducing them to Pipedrive, and they love using it," said Ron Buck, CEO of Performance Insights in a statement. "With our SaaS platform and advanced analytics, we are in the middle of a major market expansion and cannot be more proud to partner with Pipedrive for this launch."

"Our relentless focus on the end user experience over the past eight years has resulted in a CRM that sales people actually like to use, which is, unfortunately, quite unique in the industry. End user engagement is critical, as intricate reporting depends on the quality of the data going into the system. We are very excited to partner with Performance Insights and deliver great tools to the finance sector going forward," said Martin Henk, co-founder and vice president of product at Pipedrive, in a statement.

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