• June 5, 2019

Pipedrive Launches LeadBooster

Pipedrive today introduced LeadBooster, a conversational bot that instantly engages web visitors, qualifies prospects to identify hot leads, and helps book meetings.

The first offering in a suite of lead management tools, LeadBooster is an add-on to Pipedrive's sales-related CRM platform.

"When it comes to web visitors, slow response times can kill a potential deal," said Vinay Ramani, chief product officer at Pipedrive, in a statement. "But responding quickly is not enough. To make the best use of their time, salespeople need a fast, efficient way to qualify leads. LeadBooster's advanced algorithms rate prospects using a customized set of criteria and offer to schedule a phone call for highly qualified leads so they get fast attention, ending the back-and-forth communication that can also slow or kill deals. Automating initial contact with web visitors to qualify them, and directing just qualified leads to salespeople, ensures that businesses respond quickly but that sales teams don't waste time pursuing unqualified leads."

LeadBooster ensures that the moment web visitors reach company websites they are presented with customized chat boxes that greet them and ask a question with up to five multiple-choice answers. Depending on the answers, LeadBooster asks follow-up questions with new responses or offers information about the company, contact forms, and/or calendar availability for expediting phone calls with sales reps. Visitors are then presented with a customized closing message. Chat boxes can be included on any page of company websites, with customization features providing additional context depending on page content.

Once qualified, LeadBooster automatically enters prospects into Pipedrive as a deal. The status of every deal in Pipedrive is available to salespeople and sales managers in visualizations.

"LeadBooster is a key component of a comprehensive Pipedrive lead management suite," Ramani said. "Our intention is to provide additional software that complements LeadBooster's lead capture, qualification, and scheduling capabilities. Features will include automatic and instantaneous routing of leads to the appropriate salespeople and a way to store and manage leads that are not rated as 'hot' but that could still be valuable opportunities at a future time."

"Ensuring a constant supply of inbound leads is a challenge every business faces everyday. While we've used web forms for a while, our website has been rather disjointed from our sales pipeline. Since using Pipedrive's LeadBooster during its beta trial, we've greatly increased both the quantity of online leads and our response time in pursuing them. It's added strength to our lead-gen efforts," Lisa Coyle, co-CEO of payments provider 360Payments, said in a statement.

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