• August 20, 2019

PerimeterX Acquires PageSeal

PerimeterX, a company that protects websites and mobile applications from malicious activities, has acquired PageSeal, a provider of client-side protection. Financial terms of the acquisition were not released.

"From day one, our vision has been to empower customers to grow their digital businesses, whether that means defending their websites from automated attacks, protecting their brand reputation, or helping them increase conversions," said Omri Iluz, co-founder and CEO of PerimeterX, in a statement. "We are thrilled to further this vision with the addition of the PageSeal team and its technology to our expanding portfolio of solutions. This expansion helps e-commerce customers unleash the power of web applications to build their businesses."

"I'm excited to join forces with PerimeterX to help even more e-commerce customers fight against client-side malware and extensions. The combination of PerimeterX and PageSeal delivers an integrated offering of bot mitigation, security, and client-side protection that allows customers to focus on growing their online business," Ken Zwiebel, former CEO at PageSeal who joines PerimeterX as general manager, said in a statement.

PerimeterX also expanded its portfolio with the release of Page Defender, a client-side malware protection solution that blocks unwanted ads and browser extensions from redirecting web visitors away from e-commerce sites.

Page Defender lets businesses do the following:

  • Integrate using any form of tag manager;
  • Preserve page load performance to ensure quick page response times; and
  • Decide which injections to block and which to allow.

Page Defender also offers continuous learning, allowing it to identify and block new malware and injections, and it scales with traffic across multiple domains.

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