• February 20, 2014

Pegasystems Enhances Next-Best-Action-Marketing

Pegasystems today released the latest version of its Next-Best-Action-Marketing solution, with enhanced outbound capabilities so marketers can better target customers in the mobile channel by defining specific geographic locations to help deliver real-time offers at the location where customers interact with the business.

This latest release of Next-Best-Action-Marketing enables companies to have a connected customer conversation across channels, with the ability to adapt in real time to help ensure a targeted offer is presented to the appropriate customer.

Pega Next-Best-Action-Marketing allows marketers to capture, design, and execute the best customer strategy for each given situation and communication channel, blending traditional campaigns with contextual and event-driven real-time offers. The system dynamically adapts to the customer's goals and the company's objectives.

Pega Next-Best-Action-Marketing manages customer relationships across inbound and outbound channels. The solution continuously evaluates the customer, situation, and overall business goals to dynamically recommend relevant actions or offers with features that include the following:

  • Geolocation Targeted Marketing: Provides the ability to reach customers wherever they are with offers specific to their locations and times. Marketers can define geographic locations and associate those locations with real-time events to present appropriate, location-specific offers.
  • Outbound Offer Bundling: Enables marketers to create dynamic, personalized bundled offers that dynamically combine multiple products and services as an attractive package.
  • Apple Passbook Integration: Marketers can now  integrate their offers into Apple’s virtual wallet, Passbook, by designing and delivering passes directly within the system. Passes can be directly triggered within the offer process and dynamically updated though the lifecycle of offers.
  • Mobile In-App Marketing though Notifications: Integrates push marketing notifications to mobile applications.
  • Microsites & Landing Pages: Supports the creation and deployment of microsites and landing pages, designed through Pegasystems' dynamic case management capabilities to empower marketers to create differentiated experiences.

"Marketing campaigns are evolving, as they are becoming more customer-centric and utilizing big data with predictive capabilities to drive the right conversations across channels. Organizations can now leverage contextually appropriate and profitable offers at the right time via mobile, a powerful tool for today's marketers," said Ed Burek, director of product marketing at Pegasystems, in a statement. "Our new version of Pega Next-Best-Action-Marketing helps make it easier for companies to engage customers and personalize offers based on the location that a customer chooses to interact with a business. Combining geolocation with predictive and adaptive analytics provides game-changing capabilities for today's marketers to provide the right information, drive revenue, reduce churn, and build lifetime value. Pega enables the CMO to meet ever-increasing expectations of their organizations, the market, and the customer."

Pega Next-Best-Action-Marketing, like all Pega solutions, is available for deployment on-premises or within the Pega Cloud.

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