• October 15, 2019

Pega Launches Next-Best-Action Designer

Pegasystems today launched Next-Best-Action Designer, an artificial intelligence configuration wizard as part of the Pega Customer Decision Hub to help users optimize customer experiences across all channels. With step-by-step guidance rooted in best practices, this capability helps in creating and deploying advanced customer decisioning models.

As the primary interface to Pega Customer Decision Hub, Next-Best-Action Designer walks users through a guided configuration process with built-in best practices and guardrails. Once deployed, Pega Customer Decision Hub analyzes individual customers, interprets their intent, and executes the next best action in real time.

Next-Best-Action Designer's features include the following:

  • Advanced engagement policy controls, giving users full control over the engagement rules governing their omnichannel strategies from within a single interface, allowing them to create and manage everything from business structures, volume limits, and channel constraints, to contact policies, customer eligibility, and suitability for specific actions or offers;
  • Precision AI arbitration model tuning by configuring the arbitration logic in a centralized Next-Best-Action Designer tab so they can balance the key factors used by the Pega Customer Decision Hub to make complex decisions, such as weighted context indicators, propensity scores, and customer lifetime value projections. After blending these factors to the user-defined specification, Pega AI ranks the best possible actions for each unique customer in any given situation and then acts on it.

"AI has rapidly made its way into the enterprise, but for most businesses, it's still not fast enough. Most AI systems are just too complex for the average business user to manage, forcing them to rely on costly specialists to interpret their strategies and put them into practice," said Rob Walker, vice president of decisioning and analytics at Pegasystems, in a statement. "Next-Best-Action Designer makes AI accessible to any user, giving them a level of cross-channel control and precision they've never previously achieved. Now they can dramatically improve the customer experience and drive increased revenue in a real and meaningful way."

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