• September 20, 2022

Pega Introduces Pega Customer Data Connectors

Pegasystems today released Pega Customer Data Connectors that enable clients to connect their customer data platforms (CDPs) and other signal providers to Pega Customer Decision Hub so they can stream signals from high-value platforms like Adobe, Celebrus, and ZineOne, and activate customer insights in real time with artificial intelligence-powered decisioning.

These connectors allow organizations to feed data sources, such as streams of raw event data or curated behavioral signals, to Pega's real-time AI, then optimize customer interactions using next-best-action decisioning.

These out of the box Pega Customer Data Connectors enable clients to activate well-curated data from many of the world's most popular platforms.

The Adobe Experience Platform connector streams real-time segment membership data directly to Pega Customer Decision Hub, where it can be used to power machine learning models, define engagement policies, and power omnichannel next-best-action decisions.

By connecting ZineOne's in-session propensity-to-purchase scores with Pega's next-best-action decisioning, companies can better target consumers who are likely to buy, flag on-the-fence customers for re-targeting, and trigger specific journeys actions.

By integrating the CDP's real-time data capture, identity management, and signal curation capabilities, Celebrus helps companies capture first-party data without tagging and convert that raw data into high-value intent signals. It then feeds those insights to Pega, which uses its propensity modeling to identify and trigger relevant messages and increase response rates.

"Every day, companies leave a goldmine of insight on the table because their vendors lack the decisioning capabilities required to operationalize intent, impacting the customer experience," said Matt Nolan, senior director of product marketing at Pega, in a statement. "At the same time, it's unrealistic to expect brands to replace the customer data solutions they've already invested in. That's why Pega is launching Pega Customer Data Connectors: to help clients activate data at its fullest potential, with the freedom to use their CDP of choice. They can feed in whatever event streams or curated signals make sense for their businesses and Pega's AI will help put it to work and use the insights to build much deeper, more valuable customer relationships."

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