• November 15, 2022

Owler Integrates with Hubspot and Microsoft Teams and Adds Insights

Owler, the business information and insights platform driven by a community of 5 million, has launched integrations with HubSpot and Microsoft Teams and added employee headcount change and revenue change as insights in Owler Max, its sales companion that helps teams monitor accounts, personalize outreach, and discover new prospects.

Owler Max's Hubspot integration allows sales representatives to see critical news and alerts about their deals, prospects and competitors for personalized outreach with top targets. The integration simplifies workflows by automatically generating tasks based on existing deals, company updates, key news events, and leads.

Owler's Microsoft Teams integration allows sales professionals to access Owler's real-time insights from the company profiles they follow in their Teams channels, using relevant news and insights to personalize outreach to prospects.

"Owler Max provides sales teams with resources they need to do their jobs the best they possibly can," said Tim Harsch, CEO of Owler, in a statement. "Our new integrations and data insights offer sales teams key improvements to organization, workflow, and research efficiency. Sales professionals can leverage data better, drive desired results quicker, and grow the capacity of collaboration in the remote work era.

"Owler Max's new offerings put sales teams on a straight path to winning. To unlock their full potential, sales teams need efficient access to personalized data and tools for seamless workflow," Harsch continued. "By providing this scaffolding, Owler Max gives sales professionals an immediate competitive edge."

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